I love people.

I’ve been photographing the world around me since I was this high.

I’ve worked as an artist in many mediums over the past 30 years. I write. I perform. I make puppets and films.

Portraiture is where I want to be most— because eyes are everything— and the photograph of a face can go on indefinitely.

In a photograph— we can do no wrong. It’s a world for us to play in— to find ourselves at our strongest, most beautiful, most ideal. It’s a place to freely say what we want (loudly or gently) without fear of judgment.


Joe Mazza’s has photographed everything from Kansas hoodoos to puppies to Hollywood casting directors and his photographs have appeared in publications such as the New York Times, TimeOut Chicago, The New York Review of Books, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Reader.

see some of Joe Mazza’s other work at
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